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FREEDOM / Gregory Mancillas (N/A)

Hello and greetings from San Antonio, Texas. I just saw your son's memorial. I am so saddened by your loss. I am so greatful for warriors like your son, without people like him this world would not be the same. It crushes me to see young people like him die for freedom. My blessings to you and your family, stay strong and "GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.............



condolences / Rachel Robinson (none)

Thanks to a fallen hero. To his family who has given the very best. May God bless and keep his family. Rachel

To a Hero  / Shannon
I thank your brave son for serving our country. May God bless your family until your all together again one day.
SPECIAL SOUL  / Barbara Sadler (none)


Benefit Auction to be Held for Operation First Response  / Debbie

Operation First Response is a 501(c)3 (ie. registered non-profit). The mission is to provide supportive services to family members of injured soldiers from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. 

A fine arts and crafts auction to benefit Operation First Response is being organized.

The agency puts together backpacks that are given to injured soldiers which include some clothes (because soldier's uniforms are often cut off when they sustain an injury) and toiletries. In addition, they also fly families to see their injured soldier after they are returned to the US, or provide car services and financial assistance for hotels so families can spend time with their loved one. 

If you are interested in helping with this cause or would like additional information, please click on the link below:


Greetings from Rancho Mirage as seen on Military.Com  / Debbie
Greetings From Rancho Mirage By Ben Stein

Dear Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, National Guard, Reservists in Iraq, in the Middle East theater, in Afghanistan, in the area near Afghanistan, in any base anywhere in the world, and your families:

Let me tell you about why you guys own about 90 percent of the backbone in the whole world right now and should be happy with yourselves and proud of whom you are.

It was a dazzlingly hot day here in Rancho Mirage today. I did small errands like going to the bank to pay my mortgage, finding a new bed at a price I can afford, practicing driving with my new 5 wood, paying bills for about two hours. I spoke for a long time to a woman who is going through a nasty child custody fight. I got e-mails from a woman who was fired today from her job for not paying attention. I read about multi-billion-dollar mergers in Europe, Asia and the Mideast. I noticed how overweight I am, for the millionth time. In other words, I did a lot of nothing.

Like every other American who is not in the armed forces family, I basically just rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic in my trivial, self-important, meaningless way.

Above all, I talked to a friend of more than forty-three years who told me he thought his life had no meaning because all he did was count his money. And, friends in the Armed Forces, this is the story of all of America today. We are doing nothing but treading water while you guys carry on the life or death struggle against worldwide militant Islamic terrorism. Our lives are about nothing: paying bills, going to humdrum jobs, waiting until we can go to sleep and then do it all again. Our most vivid issues are trivia compared with what you do every day, every minute, every second.

Oprah Winfrey talks a lot about "meaning" in life. For her, "meaning" is dieting and then having her photo on the cover of her magazine every single month (surely a new world record for egomania). This is not "meaning."

- Meaning is doing for others.

- Meaning is risking your life for hers.

- Meaning is putting your bodies and families' peace of mind on the line to defeat some of the most evil, sick killers the world has ever known.

- Meaning is leaving the comfort of home to fight to make sure that there still will be a home for your family and for your nation and for free men and women everywhere.

Look, Soldiers and Marines and Sailors and Airmen and Coast Guardsmen, there are eight billion people in this world. The whole fate of this world turns on what you people, 1.4 million, more or less, do every day. The fate of mankind depends on what about 2/100 of one percent of the people in this world do every day - and you are those people. And joining you is every Policeman, Fireman, and Emergency Medical Technician in the country, also holding back the tide of chaos.

Do you know how important you are? Do you know how indispensable you are? Do you know how humbly grateful any of us who has a head on his shoulders is to you? Do you know that if you never do another thing in your lives, you will always still be heroes? That we could live without Hollywood or Wall Street or the NFL, but we cannot live for a week without you?

We are on our knees to you and we bless and pray for you every moment. And Oprah Winfrey, if she were a size two, would not have one millionth of your importance, and all of the Wall Street billionaires will never mean what the least of you do, and if Barry Bonds hits hundreds of home runs it would not mean as much as you going on one patrol or driving one truck to the Baghdad airport.

You are everything to us, as we go through our little days, and you are in the prayers of the nation and of every decent man and woman on the planet. That's who you are and what you mean. I hope you know that.


Ben Stein

"If It Weren't For the United States Military There Would Be NO United States of America"

"Home of the Free, Because of the Brave"
My condolences to Michael's family & friends  / Craig (USMC '76-81) (Passerby)
His story is moving and shows that he was a true American hero.  God Bless your soul.
missing you  / Scott Potter (friends)
Hey Bro
Well my youngest son Kaden Scott rolled over for the first time today and while we were being proud parents and calling all the relatives I stopped at your picture and said to my wife, I wish Mike was here to see this and then I stopped and said to myself that you were probly right there with us edging him over.  I miss you brother and every day I think of you and your family and how I wish I could have seen you one more time to talk about life and what we had planned.  Well brother I guess this is how I feel I can communicate with you - right here - everytime I write to you I feel like I am talking straight to you .
I love you brother and I thank God everyday for the time we served and enjoyed together.
por vida
Prayers are with you  / Tami (Military Spouse )
Although I didn't know this fine soldier, as a military wife I feel as if he was part of our family. I thank him and his family for the courage and sacrifice that was given. I'll keep this fine soldiers family in my prayers and I hope that you all can get some type of peace in such a hard time.
God Bless you.
A True American Hero  / John R. (Passer-by)
Thank you for sharing with us a brief glimpse in the life of your son, Staff Sgt. Michael Schafer.  You and your family are in our prayers. Thank you, Michael, for the ultimate sacrifice to your country.

John R
Sonoma, ca
Army Soldiers Granddaughter!  / Elizabeth Wilbourn (None)
I am sorry for who you have lost!  He seems to have been a GREAT American.  I appreciate his service and his fight for our Country.  I wish things would have been different for your family but I cannot change anything.  I come from a military family and have started a site for my Grandfather.  www.robert-stinson.memory-of.com.  Please visit it.  Our two military angels are together now!  Your family is in my prayers and I hope the best for you all!!! 
Very sorry for your loss.  / Marshall Smith (none)
My name is Marshall, and I will soon be going into Iraq, I hope that Mike's spirit is with me and gives me strength.
Thank YOU  / Kassie Seward (NONE)
I didn't know Michael, but I wanted to thank him for the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  May God bring his family peace.  God Bless our troops! With great appreciation, Kassie Seward
In His Honor  / Juliana M. (Stranger)

Godspeed, Michael... I hope that many years from today, when this war is over, we will always remember and be grateful for your selflessness and greatness. Thank you for giving so much to the world... May the Lord comfort and guide your family and may your legacy go on!

American Hero  / Misty Day (sister fallen marine Cpl. Rusty Washam )

The Fallen
Written by Andrea Senter

They never thought when they left here
their families they'd see no more
No one dares to think about
The high price of such a war.

If you asked them why they did it
They'd say because it was right
Someone has to stand up
And someone has to fight

A world away they defend our cause,
as we tuck our kids in bed.
Some give all for all of us,
And somewhere tears will be shed.

They do not ask for fame or fortune
Just that we recognize
We are here, free, today,
Because the fallen have paid the price.


"One of the Few and the Proud"

~Always Loved...NEVER Forgotten~

I lost my brother Marine Cpl. Rusty Washam February 14, 2006 in Iraq by a suicide bomber he was only 21. People keep saying it will get easier as time goes by its almost been a year since we lost Rusty but it feels like yesterday. I will keep your family in my prayers. May God Bless you and help heal your Broken Hearts from this huge loss.

Stand Tall, Stand Proud...  / Trish Everitt (American Citizen )
...for my dear soldier, you are missed and thanked!
To A Fallen Hero  / Lindsey (none)
...for those who man the battle line, the bugle whispers low, and freedom has a taste and price the protected never know...

To those who gave all, you are not forgotten
My heart goes out to you!  / Linda Fero
What an amazing man!  He's a true hero!  Wishing you many precious memories to keep him alive in your heart!
I'm sorry.  / Marcin Nowak (Guy from Poland )
I do not know what should I say. I just can say: "I'm sorry". I found this page and read the history of His life. That is sad, when U must die for country. That's sad... I'm sorry.
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