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Im so sorry for your loss  / Nikki

I am so sorry for your loss, my husband is going to that exact location in March for 8 months and leaving me here with our three children.

Thinking of You  / Aunt Lori Burke
as always.  Not a day goes by that we don't.  You will forever be missed by everyone that you have touched with your love and kindness.  It is wonderful to read all of the messages that people from around the world have written here about you.  You are so very special.  I love and miss you everyday.
My heart goes out to you all  / Linda Means (Military Mom )
I was on the internet looking at my baby grandson's memorial website when I looked in on yours.  I just had to give my condolences and to say thank you and that I am so proud of our military!  My 18 year old son is just getting started with the Air Force.  There has to be a special place in heaven for you!
came accross this by mistake, but it must have been for a reason  / Kathy Glover (none)
I am a mother of twin boys, age 20 who were so full of energy as children.  Corey was always a tight catch to me, where Chris was always willing to try something first and didn't need me as much.  One day Corey decided he was going into the Navy.  I was devastated to think my son could do this, he was so close to me, and to leave and take the different approach in life.  He succeeded.  He is on a special response team working with the marines, and just returned from his 2nd duty in Iraq.  Corey lost a friend in a terrible accident there, and all I can think of is how sorry I am for all of you mothers to bare that pain.  Every night I would e-mail him telling him that I loved him, and my biggest fear was the knock at the door.  I would like to add your family to my prayers, for I am very sorry for your loss.  Michael looks like a hero, and is a hero.  Everybody loves our heros.  It is amazing how they touch so many lives.  God Bless you and your family, and may you find peace along life's way.
Another Tragic Loss  / Me
Yesterday, we received the news about Illeana. It brought back a flood of emotions that I thought maybe I had grown past. It brought me back to those first few days and weeks and brought me to the reality of what Greg and the rest of the family face. I miss you everyday and wonder what our life would be like, I guess that will never change. Devin started basketball and LOVES it. I picture you there cheering him on and coaching him...he's pretty good for being 4..hahaha!! He asked what your name was, besides Daddy, and I told him Mike, he said Michael Jordan? I thought that was the funniest thing and how proud you would be. Please watch over Greg and the rest of the family, I know you will be with us. I love you and miss you!! Always&Forever!!!!
Thank you  / Ashley Kanarvogel (New Friend of Family )
I wanted to thank you Danielle and Karen for taking the time out to look at my sisters site. I think that just as we can give support to each other even though we are strangers, be secure in knowing your son or husband had a new friend in Heaven. She makes friends with everyone and is a great person. But I wanted to thank you and you are all in my prayers and and im sure more of my family and friends will be visiting his site and saying more prayers for you! Thank you you long distance friend Ashley
May You Find Peace and Comfort in Your Grief!  / Danylo Kulyk (Brother in Christ! )

Glory be to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!
This is the first time I have logged onto this site and am impressed with what I see. I think it is in keeping with Christ's teachings to remember those who have Reposed in the Lord in our Prayers. May I share a site with you that I believe you may find most enlightning and of great benefit. www.ancientfaithradio.com .... It is a free site that is open 24/7 simply by logging on with your emial address and confirming your address. If you have real player you may listen to music and commentary that may give you peace of mind, soul and body. I shall remember Michael in my daily rule of prayer that he may inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and  to all those who mourn and grieve his loss  may you be comforted in knowing that all of your prayers in Blessed Memory of Michael may be pleasing to God Himself  Who is the alpha and the omega of our life- and the One that both bestows us with life and calls us to Himself according to His will for us. Please feel free to email me should you desire to share your thoughts, feelings and sentiments with someone who genuinely cares. 
You may email me at vladimyr0 at the opposite of coldmail and I shall respond in kind.

In Brotherly Love!

my son is iraq  / Mona Weirich (none)
I'm sorry for your loss, but I get scared every day for my son.  I hope everything is going ok for your family - it's got to be hard for anyone to go through this, but they are heroes to everyone and make us free.  I know when I hear from my son I will just be glad.   Your husband and son is a hero and he was doing a great job and he will always be remembered in our prays.
I understand your loss  / Patricia Strife

I came across your site while visitng my son's.
 His name is Michael Cerroni.
I would like to express my deep condolences for your loss and understand your pain. My son was killed Feb 19,2006 in a snowmobile accident. He had served three tours in Iraq as a Marine Corps Officer. He loved his Country and was  proud to be a Marine. But, he wanted time to spend with his young family. He left the Corps in Sept. and moved his family back closer to home. The weekend of his accident he was visitng us with our 5 year old grandson for a "guys weekend"of fun.. they had eaten breakfast and went out across the street for one last ride before heading home  ,my youngest son and his best friend joined them, the day was bright and clear, my grandson told his dad he wanted to ride on his Uncles sled with him, not 5 minutes later in a fluke accident my oldest son and the other sledder colided head on. My son was killed instantly,(the other boy was uninjured) it was a Blessing my grandson had gotten off or we would have lost him as well. 
Your Michael will be in my thoughts and prayers.
, Patty Strife

I know the feeling!  / Ashley Kanarvogel (None)
I came across this site as I was going to see my sisters.  She died two months ago today in a car accident, she was also young like Mike.  I randomly selected his picture and just started to read. Myself and my family are also from Spring Hill Fl.  I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and thats what gets me through missing my sister everyday.  He sounded like a great soldier, friend, son, dad and husband.  God works his magic and everyones lives are planned before we are even born.  I think its amazing and wonderful that 18,000 people have come on here and still to this day light candles - that makes me feel good about me and my sister and our family. Mike is touching lives even after death doing good for complete strangers and I'm sure thats the kind of person he was! God bless you all that knew him and loved him! Ill pray for you and your family please pray for mine in this early time of grief! You can see her page too if you like at www.amberle-e-mervine.memory-of.com Thank for listening- Ashley
My condolences and wish you the best for this new year!!  / Kris Mondot (None)
I wanted to write you few lines regarding this memorial. In fact, I live in France and found this page randomly. What impressed me is that Michael was born the same day as me (August 16, 1979).
This is hard to have the ones we love leaving forever but you have to know that other people think about you as these lines can evidence it.
2007 is a new year, I wish the best to you and to all Michael's family too.

Best Regards,
im sorry  / Jennifer Okeefe (did not know him )
i did not know michael, but i read what happened and it touched my heart,and im just saying im sorry for your loss, i hope god helps to heal your wounded spirit. 
Condolences / Trisha (Stranger)
Dear Family,

Please accept my condolences; I am very sorry for your loss. In times of grief it is very hard to know what to say that would be comforting, especially since I am a stranger to you.

When we lose loved ones in death so many emotions and thoughts flood the mind. Some wonder, where the deceased are, can they see or hear us, will we see them again? If you have wondered these things, please see the following web link that has some very comforting thoughts from the Bible. 


Happy new year  / Scott Potter (friend)
Well bro it is now 2007 and it does not get any easier.
I think of you and your familey all the time.  This web page really does help -  its like I am talking right to you.  I dont know if that is good or not since you are in a better place right now but it makes me feel alot better and alot closer to you and your family.  I wish that we could talk again I know that one day we will meet up together and talk about all the old times.   Till then I just want you to know that I love you and thank you for all that you have done for us and my family for keeping us free! And thank you for being such a good friend.
2007 / Debbie
It's almost 12/31/2006 -- a few minutes to go.  I was thinking about you today and I remembered that next month would have been your last month in the Army and you were coming home.   I remembered because my birthday is coming and I used to laugh and tell your Papa that you were "coming home for my Big 50."  It's funny how some things stick with you.  Anyway, I was thinking about you and remembering some of the times that we had to spend together and some of the things that you said to me that really made me feel special and how you always let me know that you accepted me for me.  I just wanted to thank you for being such a special person Mike and giving me the chance to show you that I truly cared.  Happy New Year and I'll be thinking of you tomorrow night.  God bless.
merry christmas  / Scott Potter (friend)
Well Bro another holiday is past us now and it still feels like you are with us.  Every day i look at my boys and i think of how you would have blessed their lives and how you would have wresled with them on the floor and play games with them and bust on them when they did wrong.
Now I hope you watch down on them as i know you do and be their friend and their angel along with so many others up their where the heroes lay.
I really do miss you bro and wish every day for just one more.
love scott.
Merry Christmas!!  / Me
I watch Devin as he grows with so much excitement and wish you were here to enjoy it with me but as we hung the ornaments on the tree I hung yours and am reminded that you are spending Christmas in the best place of all. Sometimes that helps sometimes not the selfishness takes ahold. I miss you so much! I do know that you are present EVERYDAY in my life and I KNOW you are my guardian angel....you always have been and always will be. You have enriched my life in so many ways and I am so unbelievably grateful for the time we had and for the love that is never ending. I love you! Always & Forever....Me!
Cherish His Christmas  / Debbie
Christmas brings such a time of love
Each tender heart holds so much of
Unselfishness thrives, trust is strong
The purpose to give, send love along
A time of pleasantries, patience too
Good wishes to all, all feelings true
Thankfulness follows each fine deed
Gifts from our God, never from greed
Great the rewards that joy does bring
Like the beauty in hearing angels sing
We pray for our loved, each so dear
Especially those who can't be near
Many leave home to bravely serve
All freedoms we have, they preserve
Do pray for our troops, as we should
And their families too, if you would
Give thanks to our Lord, His only Son
And cherish His Christmas, everyone.
Merry Christmas Sweet Angel  / Aunt Kare

Christmas is near and I think of you everyday.  It always seems harder around the Holidays though.  You are loved and missed so much, Michael Wayne!!!!  I wish Danielle and Devin, Karen, Dan and Tim a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....I know it doesn't get any easier, but, he's looking down on us all and he knows how much he is loved.  He knows how irresistible he was and always will be.  I think of his smile everyday.  

Merry Christmas

(Aunt) Karen 

Merry Christmas to the Schafer Family  / Mike Smith (Friend)
I want to wish the Schafer family a Merry Christmas, my family sends our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all of you.  God bless you and thank you for your incredible sacrifice.
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